The crisis is looming, your savings are being eaten up… How about 20% interest to avoid depression?

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The classic financial markets have gone mad, alternating without any logic between unreasonable euphoria and abrupt falls. The COVID-19 crisis has not helped, and the cryptomoney industry seems to be doing well… But could there be a solution to take advantage of it, without exposing too much to the legendary volatility of these slightly turbulent markets?

This promotional article is brought to you in collaboration with SwissBorg.

Don’t give up your sleeping cryptomoney
We were talking about it a few weeks ago: SwissBorg’s little Swiss geniuses have been tackling the investment in cryptomoney, and they don’t do things by halves! With the help of a smart engine boosted with artificial intelligence, they are already offering you an Intelligent Return Account, capable of navigating between the crypto protocols to try and make your capital grow automatically.
But to allow you to reach a comfortable level of return climbing up to 10%, in a stable corner (thus protected from crypto volatility) and without doing anything was not enough: SwissBorg also offers premium services for those who want them – and I’ll tell you why these are relevant!

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Become Premium, just a click away
It is now a classic for crypto operators: allowing you to access innovative advanced functionalities, as long as you support the project by buying and staking the homemade cryptography offered on each platform. And since you don’t change a winning team, SwissBorg goes straight to the point: to become Premium, all you need to do is stak the CHSB… and you will then be able to take advantage of free (or drastically reduced) trading fees but also – and above all – of a rate of return offered multiplied by 2!
In other words, being Premium on SwissBorg means being able to deposit funds and earn 20% interest in crypto-dollars, all in just a few clicks! All you have to do is register on the platform, validate your account and stack 50,000 CHSB… and then all you have to do is enjoy!

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In short, here is the perfect mobile application to buy cryptomoney and at the same time make it grow! But if you also want to maximise your return, all you have to do is become a Premium member by staking the CHSB! SwissBorg is just waiting for you… what are you waiting for?

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